Welcome to Credit Repair Secrets Exposed

In this training course we will provide the following material:

  • Credit Repair Secrets Exposed Book
  • Binder With Sample Dispute Letters
  • Binder With Example Dispute Letters
  • USB Drive of Editable Letters
  • Need To Know Pamphlets

We will train you on the following subjects:

  • Starting Your Business
  • Marketing
  • What is Credit
  • Different Types of Credit Reports
  • Dispute Process
  • Taking Payments
  • Guiding Clients To Their Goals
  • Getting Clients Approved
  • Proper Ways To Do A Consultation
  • What You Should Charge
  • Personal information Updates
  • Sending Out Disputes
  • Contracts & Agreements Between You & The Consumer
  • & So much more

$700.00 $495.00