About Secrets

We are a credit repair company called Consumer Life Mentor, Inc we have been in the business since January 2008.Being in the business for over a decade has taught us so much about how to deal with clients, how to properly dispute negative items from our clients’ credit reports and what to expect from our litigation with the credit bureaus. We have gotten thousands of negative items removed from consumers credit reports and have properly updated inaccurate & out of date information. We can honestly say we are one of the pros in the business because we have successfully removed Collections, Charged Off Accounts, Written Off Accounts, Late Payments, Judgments, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Tax Liens and so much more. Now is your opportunity to learn how to do the same. Please click the sign-up form below to get started.

In this training course we will provide the following material:

We will train you on the following subjects:

  • What To Do First In Starting Your Business
  • Marketing
  • What is Credit
  • How To Read Different Credit Reports
  • The Dispute Process
  • How To Take Payments
  • How To Guide Clients To Their Goals
  • How To Get Clients Approved
  • Proper Ways To Do A Consultation
  • What You Should Charge
  • Personal information Updates
  • Sending Out Disputes
  • Contracts & Agreements Between You & The Consumer

If you’re looking to become an affiliate of Consumer Life Mentor we offer two programs.


Affiliate Program 1.

With this program, we will do all of your backend disputes for a flat rate of $700. We will do all of the legwork for you in disputing & updating your client’s accounts on their credit report. You will only be responsible for doing your client’s consultation and sending us over your clients’ file. You leave the rest to us.


Affiliate Program 2.

With this program, you will have the opportunity to market our Credit Course only. Our Course by itself without the in-class training is $495.00. When you market the course and receive a sale with your personalized affiliate I.D. you will receive a flat commission of $195.00 per sale.